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Vinden Grace & Eve Grace-Kelly: Your Property Partners & Mentors

We are currently building a bigger property portfolio.

Previously, we’ve renovated a huge wing of a Victorian country house, which was a really satisfying project, but wouldn’t exactly meet top performing criteria…
We loved living there though!

We’ve also bought at auction an executive apartment in Virginia Water, Surrey on an amazing gated estate whose centrepiece is a massive Grade 1 listed building. It cost £1/3 million so quite a toe in the water for us re: auctions! Only ~ 10% BMV but it had never been lived in ….

Browsing through the Sunday Times one morning over breakfast in bed, we ‘bought’ an apartment in a French château in Haute-Provence, sight unseen! (Naturally, subject to an inspection to assure ourselves it wasn’t falling down, etc.) Made 200% profit in 5 years & spent 2 wonderful months a year there, so our bold (or foolish!) decision worked. Well, it was a bargain 🙂

We’ve also written a best-selling coaching book, ‘Ultimate Life Lessons’, with 35 highly successful people, including 6 of the Secret Millionaires from the TV series of the same name.

Just completing a property coaching book helping people sell their properties for more money, taking them from creating curb-appeal through de-cluttering, staging and on to marketing the property. We’ll market this book and course (in development) using our Internet Marketing skills. (Vinden is a Certified Guerilla Information Marketer.)

We’ve also bought a place on Florida’s gorgeous Gulf Coast at 80% discount from the price the estate agent owner paid 5 years earlier.

Best wishes, Vinden Grace & Eve Grace-Kelly

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  • What is our experience?

    We are professional property investors.

    We've bought property at auction for over a third of a million pounds for 1 property!

    We have been mentored by professional property investors and trainers who have bought and sold hundreds of properties.

    Our biggest project was completely renovating a huge wing of a country house.

    We're also authors of a book (and soon a course) on how to sell your property. We even hit the best-selling level of Amazon with one of our books!

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April 5, 2014
by: Marcus • Property News